Our feet are amazing things. They bear the entire weight of the body. They keep us on the move and, if reflexology is to be believed, every other part of the body is reflected in our feet.

It makes sense to look after our feet. Keeping the skin moisturized and healthy is one way, and getting a massage is another.

Benefits of foot massage

When you receive a foot massage grand rapids mi, a lot more happens than your feet being pampered.

If you look at a reflexology chart you get a map of the entire body. The middle toes reflect the head and the brain, the big toes the pituitary gland. Your hip joints are represented as are all of your internal organs too.

When you get a foot massage all of these places are massaged by proxy.

Improved circulation

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Getting a foot massage starts to help by increasing blood flow and improving the circulation. You often feel your fingers tingling as blood flow increases throughout the whole body. The increased flow of blood takes additional oxygen to muscles and tissues helping overall health levels.

Amazingly a foot massage will help with depression

Depression symptoms are relieved by releasing natural endorphins which a foot massage will achieve. It might not be the entire answer to a depression problem, but it could be a help in dealing with the symptoms.

Relaxation is a given

Even people with really ticklish feet will find they can relax during the massage and the extra hours after it. Helping the foot relax back into is shoeless shape is deeply pleasurable and helps the whole body relax. The effect is delightful.

Remember our feet spend most of their day cooped up in shoes, let them go sometimes.